Where to buy Bodybugg if you live outside USA

By HappySkinnyGirl

bodybugg armband

I bought my bodybugg version 3 from Elizabeth Sherman, a licensed wellness coach.  Great service!  My bf is also ordering his. We’re hoping it will arrive before Christmas. It takes about 7-8 days to Sweden. You can also rent the bodybugg if you’re in US.

Currently the bodybugg (with 6-month subscription to the web-based program) costs $145.00.
Renting is $25.00 per week.


If you live in UK there is KiFit, also by Body Media. Looks almost exactly the same as BodyMedia Fit.

In Canada or Australia? See BodyMedia FIT

KiFit, BodyMedia Fit, and Bodybugg are all from the same company, Body Media, but the web application or the online activity manager is not the same as for the Bodybugg. It displays the data and information differently.

If you decide to purchase KiFit or BodyMedia Fit and don’t live in the countries mention above, you will not be able to subscribe to the online activity manager. These gadgets only work in conjunction with the web subscription.

Update: March 2012

Elizabeth Sherman no longer offers the bodybugg service.

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