Weigh in

By HappySkinnyGirl

Weigh in: -1kg (-2lbs)
New weight: 73,9kg (163lbs)

I’ve moved this week weigh-in to Friday instead of Monday because it feels more motivating to weigh myself before the weekend. I’m planning to have a cheat day on the weekend. This will allow my weight to stabilize before the next weigh in. This week started off well. I lost 1kg (2 pounds)! I skipped noodles for breakfast and ate healthier in the mornings. I did 30 minutes of morning yoga 3 times and then a 10 minutes workout with Tony Horton. Next week will be the same, major focus on eating healthy breakfast and trying to add in more morning yogas.

Next Week: Healthy breakfast, 30 minutes morning yoga
This Month: Limit sweets, pasta and other junk food to once a week. 30 minutes workout during the day.
Long Term: Lose about 24kg/53lbs

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