Starting over

By HappySkinnyGirl

In the past few months I have been gaining weight and my set point weight seems to hover around 75kg (165.3 pounds). The good news is that I have found an amazingly fun and addictive free IPhone app called Striiv. It’s a pedometer with a built-in game and I’ve been using it daily trying to get in 10000 steps a day. I receive energy points and coins by walking that I can use to build stuff on the island to bring back the lost animals. There are steps challenges and quests to encourage you to walk more.

My goal for this week is to skip food high in calories and opt more for clean food. Also, right before bedtime I get these huge cravings that I can’t ignore. So I end up eating a lot of food like, instant noodle soup, cookies, rice and then some more. I tried oatmeal yesterday before I went to bed and I think it works! It wasn’t super tasty so I didn’t overeat and it stopped my cravings too. Plus I lost some weights this morning.

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