Finally – Lost 4kg (8.8lbs)

By HappySkinnyGirl


Finally I can breathe a little. I panicked there for a while when the weight just rushed up and I couldn’t handle food cravings. I did the 16:8 fasting for 3-4 weeks but stopped because I was so tired in the afternoons and had no energy. Maybe I ate poorly.

The advantage of the fast was great; I had a lot of time over in the morning as breakfast was postponed to noon and my food cravings also decreased. Got rid of a few kilos/pound with that method.

When I finished 16: 8, I ate a little bit healthier and in the evenings I ate swedish “sour milk” (taste like sourly yoghurt) and cornflakes to ease my cravings. When the craving for cookies hit, I took a couple of teaspoons of honey instead, my body was satisfied and did not fuss about it and I managed to lose some more kilos/pounds.

Today I’m starting Whole30, where the emphasis is on eating very healthy food for 30 days straight.

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