Dietdebate UK – Diet website review

By HappySkinnyGirl

If you’re looking for weight loss diet review, dietdebate UK is a good place to start. The website offer free and unbiased diet reviews, the benefits and disadvantes of each diet. It has also polls which allow visitors to rate the effectiveness of each diet. As for now, dietdebate UK has 18 diet reviews but that’s good enough to get you started.

You do want to do some research before venture out on any diet. I used to be one of people who don’t. Just because other succeed with certain diet, it doesn’t mean it’ll suit you too. Take Atkins diet for example. I know some people have great success with it, especially guys. But from my experience, it’s difficult to sustain and I needed to drink massive amount of water. If not careful, your health may be on the danger even before you’ve completed the diet program. Please, choose the plan wisely.

Do you want to see yourself slimmer? There is such a service listed on Dietdebate UK website. It’s a great motivational tool if you’ve never been thin in your whole life. You send in a picture of yourself and they’ll make you look slimmer! Dietdebate UK will be launching a diet forum soon. A meeting place where you can find support, help, and inspirations!

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1 Comment on Dietdebate UK – Diet website review

  1. Mark Salinas
    June 18, 2008 at 2:20 pm (10 years ago)

    Very good information and advice!