Countdown – Day 100

By HappySkinnyGirl

This morning I went for a walk outside for 10 minutes. Then I followed this 21-day challenge to start making exercise as an habit. It’s perfect for someone who hasn’t workout for a long time. After the session I felt a bit stronger. The video is in Swedish, but it’s pretty much self explanatory.

You’ll need a skipping rope, a resistance band, and a gym ball. But it works well with just dumbbells too! I couldn’t do the wide push ups so I did the standing wall push up instead.

Warm up: Jump rope 1 x 2 min

Squats: 2 x 8-12 reps
Wide push ups:
2 x 8-15 reps
Sit ups:
2 x 10-20 reps
Resistance band: flies workout:
2 x 8-12 reps

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2 Comments on Countdown – Day 100

  1. Louloupiu
    May 10, 2011 at 8:45 pm (7 years ago)

    Hi! I’m glad to find someone motivated to work out! =) Keep up the great work! I love your ambition!