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Weekly Progress 02/03/2008

By HappySkinnyGirl


– 22 099 steps
– 1 x pump it up dance workout
– Lost: 0.2lbs (100g)

It has been a confusing week because I was feeling good but then I was worried I was going to fail. There’s no real reason why I should fail though. I’m not on any diets or intense training program like I used to be in the past. I’ve accomplish my goal for this week and I’m being more active! =D>

The Beauty Of 10%

By HappySkinnyGirl


Most books about money and wealth that I’ve come across recommended that we should save 10% to become wealthy or donate 10% to feel prosper in order to get back tenfolds. It has taught me that changing habits to lose weight is no different, we should apply the 10% formula to that as well. It’s a small increment and I believe success will come to at greater rate. Last week I’ve walked 18 689 steps, this week I’ll be increasing it by 10% (1869 steps), total steps I should walk for this week is 20 558 steps. Sure, I can walk more but I’m aiming for consistent result and as the same time giving my body and my mind a chance to adjust, heal and rest.

Do you practice the 10% formula in any area of your life?

Weekly Progress 1/27/2008

By HappySkinnyGirl


  • 18 689 steps
  • 1 x Pump it up dance workout video
  • Lost 0.4lbs (200g)

I’ve walked 18 689 steps this week and I did Pump It Up Dance Workout only once. It’s recommended to walk 10 000 steps per day and my average is not even close to that. Shame on me! However, this week was much better than last week and I lost an amazing 0.4lbs. >:D< Normally I would fret about it but I realized stress hinder my goal to lose weight.

47.8 lbs left to lose…

New Approach To Lose Weight

By HappySkinnyGirl

It seems that every time I’m trying to diet and exercise I tend to gain back more weight what I initially have lost. Either I got sick, lose motivation or couldn’t keep up with the plan. I’m getting so tired of trying so I give up. But don’t worry, I’m still on my quest to lose weight but not the same way as I’ve always done in the past. Instead, I’ll try to add more positive habits to my daily life. Here are my priorities for 2008.

Water – Drink more water. I’ve heard about this one so often, but yet I don’t practice it, because I’ve some difficulty to drink any liquid. As it’s now I need to drink more than 1 small glass a day. I’ve noticed here the other day how the water has positive effect on my body. No muscle pain or cramps. My new habit now is to sip water every hour or so.

Proper nutritions – Less junk food. Also, I need to eat fruit after dinner to stop late night’s craving.

Active – Physical activities for at least 45 min, 5-6times/week.

Sleep – Get enought sleep. So no more late night stay ups for me.

I’m looking forward to see the results! 8->

So, what do you do to lose weight?

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