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Finally – Lost 4kg (8.8lbs)

By HappySkinnyGirl


Finally I can breathe a little. I panicked there for a while when the weight just rushed up and I couldn’t handle food cravings. I did the 16:8 fasting for 3-4 weeks but stopped because I was so tired in the afternoons and had no energy. Maybe I ate poorly.

The advantage of the fast was great; I had a lot of time over in the morning as breakfast was postponed to noon and my food cravings also decreased. Got rid of a few kilos/pound with that method.

When I finished 16: 8, I ate a little bit healthier and in the evenings I ate swedish “sour milk” (taste like sourly yoghurt) and cornflakes to ease my cravings. When the craving for cookies hit, I took a couple of teaspoons of honey instead, my body was satisfied and did not fuss about it and I managed to lose some more kilos/pounds.

Today I’m starting Whole30, where the emphasis is on eating very healthy food for 30 days straight.

Starting over again

By HappySkinnyGirl

Starting weight 77,9kg (171.7lbs)
Weight lost 2kg (4.4lbs)

I still have cravings at nights but I choose to go to bed rather than eating. Every bite counts. This week I’m switching Danish pastry to pancake. 60g of Danish pastry is about 300 calories and 1 pancake is about 100 calories. I’m saving about 200 calories! It’s doable and I feel satisfied. I don’t know how many calories I eat per day but saving here and there adds up a lot. The secret is switching high calorie food to lower calories food that you enjoy.


Yesterday’s lunch and dinner. I ate some of the noodle soup before I took the picture.

Starting over

By HappySkinnyGirl

In the past few months I have been gaining weight and my set point weight seems to hover around 75kg (165.3 pounds). The good news is that I have found an amazingly fun and addictive free IPhone app called Striiv. It’s a pedometer with a built-in game and I’ve been using it daily trying to get in 10000 steps a day. I receive energy points and coins by walking that I can use to build stuff on the island to bring back the lost animals. There are steps challenges and quests to encourage you to walk more.

My goal for this week is to skip food high in calories and opt more for clean food. Also, right before bedtime I get these huge cravings that I can’t ignore. So I end up eating a lot of food like, instant noodle soup, cookies, rice and then some more. I tried oatmeal yesterday before I went to bed and I think it works! It wasn’t super tasty so I didn’t overeat and it stopped my cravings too. Plus I lost some weights this morning.

Weigh in

By HappySkinnyGirl

Up 0,7kg (+1.5lbs) this week, but what’s going to matter more is the monthly loss. I’ll keep pressing on!

Next Week: Healthy breakfast and mid meals
This Month: Limit sweets, pasta and other junk food to once a week.
30 min. yoga before breakfast + 30 min. workout during the day.
Long Term: Lose about 24kg/53lbs

Weigh in

By HappySkinnyGirl

Weigh in: -1kg (-2lbs)
New weight: 73,9kg (163lbs)

I’ve moved this week weigh-in to Friday instead of Monday because it feels more motivating to weigh myself before the weekend. I’m planning to have a cheat day on the weekend. This will allow my weight to stabilize before the next weigh in. This week started off well. I lost 1kg (2 pounds)! I skipped noodles for breakfast and ate healthier in the mornings. I did 30 minutes of morning yoga 3 times and then a 10 minutes workout with Tony Horton. Next week will be the same, major focus on eating healthy breakfast and trying to add in more morning yogas.

Next Week: Healthy breakfast, 30 minutes morning yoga
This Month: Limit sweets, pasta and other junk food to once a week. 30 minutes workout during the day.
Long Term: Lose about 24kg/53lbs

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