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Zombie, Run!

By HappySkinnyGirl

Last week I mentioned Zombie, Run!, an app that integrate running with a game. I’ve almost finish mission one. It’s so much fun to walk and run now. I start in a small town with a population of 60, consisting of housing, hospital, armory, food, comms and recreation places. I go out on missions, and collect things that I can use to level up my town later. Sometimes I encounter zombies and then I’ve to hurry and run. You can turn off the zombie chases if you want, especially if it’s dark outside. 🙂

Great apps for weight loss, health and well-being

By HappySkinnyGirl

I finally got an iPhone and I love it! I’ve found lots of amazing apps that are perfect for health and well-being, both paid and free. I’m adding small routines here and there. Right now I’m using Meal Snap to snap a photo of my meal and it will tell me how many calories there are in my plate. It works ok for identifying the food but not great. I use it to analyze my food intake and to track average calories consumption which at the end of the day I log it in the app, Shape Up.

Shape Up is a regular diet app that lets you log your food and workout. But what I like about this is that it lets me enter the customize calories so I don’t have to log everything. So I just enter the average calories consumed from my meal snap. 80 bites is another great app that is helping me to eat with awareness and less. It helps me to downsize my portion a lot through “coaching” and counting bites by tapping on the phone. I also like All-in pedometer because it does not only count steps but speed, time, distance and calories too.

Workout trainer, Poworkout and Yoga are my three favorite fitness apps. With Workout trainer I can workout anywhere, choose a short or longer workout, setting a reminder, and customize time as it fits me. When I don’t feel like working out I use PeppApp to get started. This one is only in Swedish. I can watch myself shrink by using Watch me change and Virtual Model. The first one is by taking photo of yourself. The latter is using an avatar that changes as you lose weight by entering your weight. Good motivational tool.

Sometimes I’ve trouble sleeping, so using Ambiance, Relax, or Sleep pillow are perfect for this. I sleep like a goddess! To find the optimal time for wake up I use Sleep cycle, which monitors my sleep and wakes me up before I enter the deep sleep. It works really great!

I’m waiting for ”Zombies, Run!” to come out on Monday. It’s integrating running/walking with a game. It seems fun but oh so scary!

What are your favorite apps?

This week’s exercise w.26

By HappySkinnyGirl

Monday: Strength. Brisk walking, 30 minutes
Sunday: Brisk walking, 45-60 minutes.
Wednesday: Rest
Sunday: Brisk walking, 30 minutes
Friday: Strength. Brisk walking, 30 minutes
Sunday: Brisk walking, 45-60 minutes
Sunday: Rest

Strength: 3 x 10 reps.
Lying row
Shoulder lift

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